About Us

Customer satisfaction is our priority in each and every task that we undertake.

We only use the latest, most advanced and reliable calibration and re-programming tools available for the ECU tuning market today.

We can modify the ECU map file from a vast range of passenger cars and small commercial vehicles from 1996 onwards to give up to a 30% increase in power and torque.

We aim to give you the best possible power increase yet retain the original reliability, fuel consumption and Driving style of your vehicle.

Oscarli Team.

Our technical expertise has been developed from years of hands on experience with some of the worlds most advanced engine management system's.

Our professional history has evolved from working with German motor vehicle manufacturers such as BMW and VAG. We also have a substantial knowledge of Japanese vehicles as well as an assortment of Racing and competition cars.

Business Hours.

Monday 8.30-17.30
Tuesday 8.30-17.30
Wednesday 8.30-17.30
Thursday 8.30-17.30
Friday 8.30-17.30
Saturday 9.00-13.00

Any products required outside of these business hours require 5 working days notice.